Girlfriend with mostly male friends... is this something to worry about?

We've been dating over 3 years. Living together for over a year now. In the past it bothered me that she had mostly guy friends instead of female friends. I let her know it bugged me that she would go out to hang with friends, go to the bar, go to concerts and so on...with her friends and like 90% of them are guys...

She told me that they are all her friends from highschool and that She never had to many female friends because she doesnt really like girls drama and girly stuff. She wanted to know why it bugged me. I told her I dont know these guys. I dont know if you have a history with any of them as more then friends. Its not good to put yourself in a position where you could slip up and not mean to.... and I know for sure that she would be pissed off if I was hanging out with girls all the time. Going to the bar with them. Going to movies... She said she wouldnt care. I know she would get so upset though!

I even told her once.. if I could do a poll in public and ask 100 people if it would worry them that their boyfriend or girlfriend hung out with all opposite sex friends... would it bug you?... so this sidetaker site is awesome!!!

So basically, I wanna know if im in the wrong here? I never told her she cant hang out with her friends. I just said that i wasnt comfortable with it all the time. I dont think anything bad is going on... I just think it could be toned down a little as to not put herself in a situation where she might slip and not mean to. Im tempted to meet some girls and go hang out at the bar with them without my girlfriend just to see how she reacts! lol

Any advice or thoughts?
By ChuckNorris 15 years ago :: Dating
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