How do i be more romantic?

So we've been together for over 3 years and my girl wants me to be more romantic but im just not that kind of guy. I just dont get it i guess. Money is tight. I have no clue what to do for her that she would think is romantic. The only clue she gave me was that it doesnt have to be a big thing like some expensive dinner and stuff like that. Just simple things.

I know flowers are a good move but I want to do something different! I know if she came home from work and surprised me with a six pack of beer... I would think that was cool... and maybe romantic in a way.... lol.

So any ideas on simple not expensive things I could do? She loves animals and outdoor stuff but the weather is starting to get cold and rainy. Movies are just kinda to ... over done... She is into photography... she's not a girly girl so creams and lotions or whatever are kinda out....I dunno what to do! Any ideas would help!!!!
By ChuckNorris 15 years ago :: Dating
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