my girlfriend and i have been together for about 3 years and i have known her for about 5 years. till this day i have not met her parents but she is always at my families houses. i have nto met her friends but she hangs out with all of mine. i feel left out. i get so frustrated. i have told her many times how much it buggs me and she ignores the subject."here we go again" can you just get over it" and i decitded to leave her. not just because of that but she would not longer come see me, i had to make all the effort and she would only be intiimate like 2 times a month. i dont get it. she changed so much. she got really comfortable and stoped going out, all she wanted to do is walk arounf the mall. we stopped going out, i beggged her to do something with me anyday go somewhere, anywhere but she would make excuses. i then got the feeling that someone else was in her life. i have been stressinig for months. i am not really happy. i cant sleep at night, cant focus at work and when i tried to approache her to let her know my true feeling she blew up on me. that is when i said f-that. i gave it my all allways and i let her go 3 days ago. she didnt say antyhing didnt wana talk about nothing. so what do you guys think?
By apraisern43 15 years ago :: Dating
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