Should I have to be woken up by my boyfriend's alarm?

I wake every morning at 6:15 a.m. when my alarm goes off with no problem. I wouldn't call myself a morning person at all, but I understand I have priorities. My boyfriend likes to set his alarm for 6:00 a.m. even though he doesn't have to be up then and is incapable of waking up on his own. So every morning when his alarm goes off fifteen minutes prior to mine, I'm the one who gets woken up and I'm the one shaking him to wake up. All he does is rolls over and goes back to bed and I lie there upset that I was deprived of those few extra minutes.
I get up and get ready and then he doesn't wake up and is usually late for class. He gets mad at me for turning his alarm off and wants me to let it go until he wakes up. I've let his alarm continue to go off for a half hour before and he doesn't even notice. I think it's rude of him to set his alarm and wake me up sooner than need be and then be forced to listen to it while I get ready. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think there's anything worse than the sound of an alarm clock. We argue about this all the time. Am I wrong to ask him to set it for once I leave?
By Brooklinn 15 years ago :: Dating
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