Has anyone else ever experienced such a bizarre series of unfortunate events?

On a Sunday after attending church services I left my office in a Florida county with the intent of visiting my sister for barbeque in Lake City. My daughter suggested it would be a great way to spend the day.
Prior to leaving and in preparation of visiting my sister, I purchased two one shot vodka bottles (raspberry) and emptied them into a ¾ full bottle of water and tossed it in the back of my Ford Explorer. The purpose of the vodka in the water bottle was because a couple of my sister's family members drink strong drinks on the weekends and I preferred to have my own to sip on thru the evening that would not be so strong or give me a headache. I traveled to a highway and drove East as I have never taken the scenic route across the state and was in no hurry.

As I approached and entered a sharp curve in the road a large black animal appeared in front of me. I was later told that bears are in that area. I swerved briefly into the oncoming traffic lane to miss the bear then tried to slow as my truck it began to lift and skid. I managed to bring the truck back under control without rolling over and skid into a ditch striking a small white fence and a wooden light pole at the entrance of a small Resort. I drive a Ford Explorer that is well known for rolling over easily so that was quite a driving accomplishment.

I was unsure of the total damage to my vehicle. I intended to call AAA to have my truck towed and checked out and of course I had insurance to cover repairs of the small light pole. I was very shaken and sat trying to get bars on my cell phone to call for a tow truck and call my sister to come get me. No reception what-so-ever.

I am on medication due to a quadruple by-pass. After a few minutes I took my med's to calm my shaking and calm my heart but the only liquid I had in the car was the one bottle of water I had prepared prior to my trip. Knowing that I would not be driving anywhere, I felt no harm in consuming the bottle of Vodka water to dissolve and swallow the med's that were stuck in my dry throat.
A few moments later a State Trooper arrived. We spoke and I explained what had occurred. That I knew I would need a tow truck. After a few moments the Trooper asked if I had consumed any alcohol and I answered truthfully that I had. I told him it was approximately two shots of vodka.
In a short time another Trooper appeared and the first Trooper asked if I would mind taking a field sobriety test and I readily agreed. But I warned the Trooper that I can perform the entire test except the (heal to toe) portion due to a head injury and loss of equilibrium on my right side. That I would not be able to successfully perform that part of the test. That particular action sets off vertigo. Or as we who suffer it call it the spins.
I did perform the test at his insistence twice, with the results that I had warned him of. The test sets off a vertigo, which takes me awhile to bring back under control.
When the officer had asked me if I consumed any alcohol that day I answered that I had at my office because I knew being involved in law enforcement most of my life that no officer would believe that I had actually consumed it only minutes before his arrival thus giving him cause to believe or assume that I was lying to him. In my opinion it was a moot point to explain because it would only cause a deeper suspicion. The only rational decision this trooper could make is that I must have been under the influence prior to the accident. Although I believe that a person under the influence could not have driven as well as I did and avoided rolling the vehicle.
I was arrested and taken for a Breathalyzer examination, which I knew I would probably fail, as I had not eaten anything that morning and had just consumed the alcohol within the hour. My father was a State Trooper in Florida years ago, and I told the arresting Trooper on our way to the station that I appreciated his professionalism and his respectful treatment of me as his prisoner.

I was processed into the jail system and met Officer nice at about 7:30pm. He was a great help in helping me arrange bail as I had enough cash on me for that. Bond was set and I awaited release. My medications were left in my towed vehicle.

A friend was contacted to pick me up at about 7-7:30pm that evening, yet I was not released because a nurse that had spoken to me, who apparently has no since of humor, deemed me a suicide risk. I was placed in a cell and waited until 5 am when a corporal officer came and allowed me to redress in my street clothing but he said he had to take me to another place for psychiatric evaluation. I asked why, and why since I was bonded 10 hours earlier why I have to do this thing now.

On our drive to the evaluation the officer explained why I had been held after bonding. He said, “you have a great since of humor but you can not joke with these people at all. They seem to have a new system now that gives them the power to hold you anyway against your will.” I said you got to be kidding me that a nurse did this to me and he said yes. He expressed that in my case it was uncalled for in his opinion. That I had been perfectly co-operational, showing no signs of inebriation, or suicidal tendencies.

He instructed me before entering the facility to simply say I want to sign out, I am not suicidal, and sign their paper.

Afterward the officer spent about 20 minutes locating where my truck had been towed and offered me a ride to a place where my sister could find me easily.

I was on a Sheriffs Department for 7 years before moving to this area. I have maintained a clear driving record all of my life. I own a security company, and a security officer training facility in another county.
I am not a person who delves into drinking and driving and teach such at our school. I have seen too many fatal accidents involving innocent persons in my life to condone drinking and driving. My family and I were injured when hit by a drunk driver in the past and I detest drunken drivers.
In retrospect, I could have told the Trooper that I had just drank the Vodka but I don't think he would have believed that any more than I would have in his position. I inadvertently screwed myself, and I knew it.

On the return to my county early Monday morning, I stopped by the place where the accident occurred for a moment to reflect on how close I came to dieing that day.

I noticed the water bottle that I had in my truck that day was still lying up by the fence where I had dropped it and I brought it back with me as a souvenir and as a lesson learned reminder to never ever carry only one bottle of water in my truck again, especially one with alcohol in it.

Now I have a battle to maintain my license and good standing in my business. I can only hope my charges will be dropped.
By Revaday 15 years ago :: General
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