Question for Men only please...(married is preferred)

I won't go into all the past details of my marriage but I will say this: We do not have a great marriage. We get along sometimes but most of the time we are arguing. He tells me that all the arguing and complaining is the main reason we are not intimate.
He was deployed for 14 months and recently returned home in August 09'. We have not been intimate since he's been back (almost 3 months now).

He does however, spend his free time looking at porn or pictures of naked girls on the internet. I know he's getting his pleasure that way. Is this really the way it is for all guys? God says that it is a sin to fantasize or think about another women outside of your wife. How would you feel if your wife just decided to stop being intimate with you and get her pleasure by porn? And only porn?

I am convinced that he doesn't really see that it's wrong to spend all his free time engaging in pornographic material. I'm not an old fashion old women. I am 32 and I'm not ugly or fat.
I need some advice. Thanks.
By girlie77 15 years ago :: Marriage
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