Broken Toys for Christmas Gifts

Every year my stepmother-inlaw sends my kids gifts that don't fit, are missing pieces, are broken or not even age-appropriate. And each year I cringe when we recieve her gifts which she sends from on behalf of the family. I get sick to my stomach with the anger I feel each time they are sent. I actually worked with her and I know exactly where she gets the gifts from. They are usually items donated to shelters and since she has access to these items before they are distributed she goes through and picks things out as gifts. I would not mind so much if it was all she could do because of money issues however as for her own grandchildren from her own now grown children, she buys cute gifts for them.

She always acts nice and sweet with my kids which I am grateful for that at least and I have never had any issues with how we are treated but I am getting sick and tired of the gifts I have to throw away for my kids! Should I confront her about it and if so, how? I am unsure how to approach her without totally exploding!!!
By lacrymosa 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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