Was my bf's roommate being selfish or were we??

Ok, so a little background...Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6 months, he currently is in a share house with 3 friends.
It was saturday morning and me and my boyfriend were in the middle of making love, when one of his roommates, lets call him Jack, bangs on the door. BF tells him to go away, Jack continues banging "gimme your keys" he yells. BF replies "its not a good time man, go away". Silence for a few seconds, then much more loud banging on the door "Just give me your f'n keys, I need the sunscreen to go to the beach". (Jacks sunscreen was in BFs car) Bf responds "Man I'm having sex, F off".
Jacks response to this was "SO? you can still get up and do shit when your having sex, I want to go to the beach!". We ignored him, so he continues to bang really loudly. I yell out "F off Jack, you are such a selfish C sometimes!". We hear him storming around the house swearing and making lots of noise. So BF gets up and throws the keys outside.
Jack and BF have not a said a word to each other for 6 days now. BF is unbelievably mad at him.
In my opinion this was an unbelievably rude thing to do, In a house of 4 people who love the beach, I KNOW there was more suscreen in the house, Jack just wanted what he wanted.
Not to mention, isnt there some cardinal rule as to not interrupt your roommates or mates when they are doing the deed?
Can you guys let me know if u think Jack was being unbelievably rude or should BF have gotten up in the middle of sex to give him his (BFs)keys??
By AllyCat 15 years ago :: Roommates
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