Do i go back with her and give her another chance even though those two will be hanging out?

We have been going out for 4 months (Yes i know not that long as other on here) but it has been one of the best for months ever... We started out as good friends and we would also make each other laugh..After i decided to take it to the next level
We were going out for 4 amazing months...We did have our troubles...We there was a period that she was unhappy and then i would be unhappy..
She said that i jumped to conclusions to quickly and overreact..She is 100% correct..The difference was, was that i changed..I let her have her fun, i didnt sufficate her and we were going really good...She was a virgin and i respected that..I LOVED that about her...
She said that she wanted to wait when the time was right...I said "No RUSH"
Things where going good then out of the blue she breaks up with...She said she needs a break to clear her head and hang out with friends....we took a break then she textes me two weeks later.. We hung out and all those butterfly's came swarming back...Then we spent a wonderful day together...The feeling was mutual for both of us
After that day she said that she had to tell me something..She had sex with her friend after we just broke up...She said she is very sorry and she only did it becuase she was lonely...and it didnt mean anything..she said she is very sorry and will never have sex with him again..
Catch is...She said that he is a really good friend of her's and that she is not going to stop talking and hanging out with him..I told her that made me HIGHLY uncomfortable..She says i cant do that to my friend...
By whichside 15 years ago :: Dating
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