Is it ever to old to date?

missy 1

I was married for almost 40 years when my husband died unexpectedly,I worked at same company for 12 years,1 adult child 2 grandchildren. My company changed
hands & I now find myself without a job. I am not really unhappy about this but my job became my life after he died & I now find myself with to much time on my hands.
I've been out of dating game many many years& if very difficult to get back in so much has changed,I have had 1 date since my husband died with a friend of his
who took me to dinner & wanted me for dessert ,have not been out on a date since.
I'm over 21 but all this is new ,or should I just resign myself to the fact its over,& be content.
By Missy1 15 years ago :: Dating
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