How much sex is too much?

I have being married to a wonderful man for 22 3/4 years.we have 3 kids that are no longer around the house that much. he is 52 years old and I am 42. he is a contractor and when he is not working like a dog all he wants to do is to have sex ALL DAY LONG. Seriously i am sick of so much sex. It is to the point that I end up just letting him have and lay there until he is done. I am not joking , I am talking about at least 2 x a day. sometimes 4x. I know he does not take any viagra or anything. I have talked about it with him because I just feel like it is not enjoyable anymore ,just to much and he does not think that is anything wrong with him, and if I decide not to let him have that day he becomes muddy all day. he have always being kind of like this but I think now is worse. what is wrong with him?
By macaco2 15 years ago :: Marriage
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