Do I deserve HOT SEX ???

We've been married for almost 10 years. List of things that I DON'T do. 1) "Honey Do's"- lately. 2) Put ALOT of effort in the sex area.
Things that I DO. Work 45 hrs a week, 95% of grogery shopping, pay 90% of bills, go to the cleaners, 30% of running the kids around town, 75% of the cooking (which isn't alot), send her mom money on a regular basis, have purchased her mom 2 cars in the last 5 years, take mechanical care of her car. I pay 95% of the bills.

SHE: DOES- 70% of running the kids around, 25% of cooking, plays computer games, reads and watches TV. She works about 10 hrs a week. Our house is dirt w/dirty dishes in the sink, dirty stove, always about 6 -8 loads of clothes waiting to be washed, our bedroom is stacked w/crap that she's bought and doesn't use or need.

I say she's ungreatful and she says that I'm ungreatful. Who's right?? Lastnight after working I went shopping, loaded the dishwasher and cooked. This is after she stayed home all day and took the kids to Karate practice. We had "vanilla" sex and later she told me that I didn't even deserve that!
We used to have hot, hot sex. I feel like she should so me her appreciation for the things that I do by giving me HOT Sex.
What do y'all think?
By Stillconfused 15 years ago :: Marriage
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