Do you consider this a Attempt to cheat?

Class ends.His female married lab partern says CanI have your phone number I would really like to stay in touch.He says girlfriend wouldnt like that.Week later I really want to stay in touch see if you get in nursing school and what clinincals are like?Can I have your email?So he gives to her.Never tells me.By the way she is married.HE never tells me about her or the email class ends in may by aug she emails wants to buy a book from him from his summer class.So he meets up sells her the book meets in grocery store parking lot never tells me.She hugs him as he is leaving now iam pist .They email every few months to give updates on his nursing clinincals.She asked alot of questions he didnt feel liek answering the long ones so he tells her maybe we can grab a bite to eat sometime when I have more time and I can tell you everthing youwant to know.Iam pist about this.He never did it he said it was his way of avoiding her detailed question she asked the same questions twice.So he blew her off.I think he wanted to cheat what do you think?But he never did do it.She then invited him to pamper chef party he never responded,Also she said you can call me sometime if youwant to talk he never did.She talked about her husband having a a heart attack also she did ask how is your family and your gf my name she used.Also when I did speak with her she said she meet me she never did I knwo this as a fact,She also said tehy discussed going for chinse food.HE said never.Why would she say this?
By bak1123 15 years ago :: Dating
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