Should I be upset that my neighbor mows my yard?

I have a neighbor who mows my front yard...By this, I mean I plan on Thursday to to mow it after work on Friday, but when I come home from work, it is mowed..The grass is never terribly high, and no one on our block has a super manicured lawn..Mine is more weeds than grass, but that's neither here nor there..He doesn't work and so while I'm out he mows and edges my front yard..Once, he even drug my hose to the middle of the yard and started watering it...He approached my wife while I was out of town and told her that he just enjoys doing this and he doesn't mean anything bad by doing it..Part of me wishes he wouldn't do this, then the other part is thankful..All in all I think it is wierd..More because we never talk to each other and he kept it a secret that he was doing it for a long time... Thoughts?
By cowboy_f100 15 years ago :: Neighbors
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