Should I confront my friend?

I have a friend who I have been friends with since the 3rd grade (about 12 years now). She is incrdibly conservative I am very liberal. She is a very devout Christian and I am an atheist. She is short and blonde and I am a tall brunette. In a lot of ways we are opposites, most of those things are never an issue for us. We do have somethings in common and consider her one of my three best friends.

There is one thing that does cause a problem. She is racist. She has no problem sharing her views with anyone (well anyone that is a white christian). She believes that there should still be slaves. I am half latina, and of course she knows that be tells me she doesn't think of me "like that".

I used to live with her and her family (they are just as racist as she is). When I lived with them (all through middle and high school and even some college) I was always too affraid to speak up. They had given me so much. They also out numbered me.

It has always bothered me. I want to say something but don't know how. Have I waited too long? I don't know if I could ever change her mind so is it even worth bringing up?
By wherethepeaches 15 years ago :: Friends
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