Marrying young, Is it really that bad?? What should I do about in- laws?

I have been with my Fiance now for over 8 years. However, we have been together since 6th grade and are now getting married after our junior year in college. We plan to continue school to complete our degrees. (we will only have one more year) We have always had a wonderful and close relationship and have much in common. We are very mature for our age. Even though we are young we feel ready to get married. We have taken marriage classes, and are going through marriage counseling now with our pastor. We have prepared ourselves for the necessary life skills need for marriage and are willing to work hard while finishing school too. We would also have more money to help pay for school by being married so we will be fine with finances.The problem is his family does not agree with the marriage and would like us to wait 1-2 more years. We are also getting comments from many of our peers and community members that it is wrong and we need to think about waiting. Whats the big deal? Is it really that bad or wrong to get married while in school?? What should we do, the wedding is scheduled in 7more months.
By loveya 15 years ago :: Marriage
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