Do I deserve an apology from my husband for making a bad investment against my wishes?

About a year ago my husband's mother died. My husband got about $10,000 or so in life insurance money. My husband's father had a mountain of debt which included about 20 acres in land. My father in law had already paid $20,000 for it but had no way of keeping up the payments. This land is located somewhere that I would never want to live nor would I have selected it myself as an "investment" property. I told my husband to just let it go. His Mom and Dad got themselves in too deep and it wasn't up to us to bail his Dad out even if it was with his Mom's life insurance money. By the way, this occurred last fall when the bottom fell out of the market and no one could get a loan to save their life. My husband went against my wishes and took up the payments of $600 a month. About $3,000 into it I said "You tried...let's just call it a loss and forget about least we haven't lost $10,000"....Well he didn't listen, and now were about to lose $10,000 b/c no one wants this land. I would have been able to forgive him at $3,000, but it's getting harder now that's it's $10,000 in the red. We can't afford to continue these payments. It makes me sick that this money was flushed down the toilet and he took no consideration into providing for his wife and child...but rather the focus was on saving his Dad who has a notorious history of financial loss. Do I deserve an apology from my husband? Or do I just have to suck it up and try to forget that he just dumped 10 grand for nothing?
By 1life2live 15 years ago :: Marriage
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