16 yo daughter living with 15 yo bf been in trouble with police, cant get her away from that way of life

my 16 yo daughter started getting into trouble about 18 months ago, and moved out got in trouble with police, moved back home, thought things were starting to come right, then she met this 15 yo boy who is always getting in trouble with the police and things are spiraling out of control, things with the police are getting pretty serious and she cant understand how it is going to affect her life and that she is destroying the relationship with her family, she just says she loves him! I just want her to come home get back to school and try and build bridges but I dont know where to start, I have bared my soul, I have pleaded, I have gotten angry, I have tried guilt she is just so set in this bad path that can change her whole life, I dont even know where to turn, because of her age I have no rights!
By angelindisguise 16 years ago :: Parent/Child
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