What should I do given I feel so wounded by this situation and time is not healing the situation?

I had an 18 year friendship with Dane which was overall I feel positive and genuine, we shared a lot together and were very close - spoke nearly every day etc.
A 3rd friend created a triangle situation - spoke disrespectfully re my other friend and I never informed him what the 3rd party said (nor engaged in the disrespect) and supported Dane. This 3rd party then created conflict so I withdrew viewing him as a negative and destructive individual that was not really giving or beneficial for my life. I felt disappointed but happy with this decision. Dane did not support my decision to end this friendship nor supported me despite the 3rd friend's disrespectful behaviour.
This conflict has caused some discomfort for Dane who has began to behave poorly, failing to put any time into our friendship, not being clear in his communication, failed to call me for my birthday or attend a function that we had arranged. I went away and have not heard from him, nor have I called and feel so hurt and disappointed. I feel completely disregarded and used like I no longer have a function. I miss the friend that I thought I had - I sent a card wishing him well and basically honouring the friendship (had no agenda to get a reply) and never recieved one. I still feel very sad re whole situation. Dane and the third party however have continued their friendship. I dont know what I have done to deserve this response?
By utopia 15 years ago :: Friends
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