Should I feel guilty about asking my husbands mother to stay with his brother for six months?

Ok. , Its been 24 years we have been together and out of those 24 years she has lived with us 20 of them!! She is a cancer survivor 3 times and I thank God for that, she is morbily obesse and can't clean herself well, which makes my house smell fishy and dirty. The oder iks overpowering. I srtopped taking her out with me so people didn't think it was me that smells. She sits in the front of the car with my husband when we go places. She is constantly going behind me after I clean making messes! I am sooooooooooo tired and that is whatr puts me in the fowlist of moods then everyone else suffers! Including myself. I asked that she live with her other son 6 months out of the year to give me a break,, and now I think my husband is furious with me..........should I give in?? I just want our life back!
By Wannabehappy 15 years ago :: Marriage
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