Should I keep Writing to High School Crush?

A few years ago I accidentally found the e-mail address of my first boyfriend/high school crush on-line and wrote to him, we wrote each other for a month, and then he invited me to his condo (he's divorced). We hadn't seen each other in 25 years. We had a good time discussing old times and I realized I am still in love with him, I feel it was love at first sight when I first saw him when I was 12 years old.

Anyway, after our meeting he wrote saying he had a wonderful time (we live 100 miles away from each other), and I wrote back, but a few weeks later he sends an e-mail saying he has no time to contact me. No contact took place for 6 months, and then he started writing again, asking me to meet him, but then canceled the few dates we planned. I told him I didn't want contact any longer because his wishy-washy personality was too much of an emotional strain for me.

After the next lag in communication, he starts writing again, making comments like, "I want you to come over and make breakfast for me, I want you to help me remodel my condo, etc." We met last month for lunch at his request, but now he's stopped communicating again. I wrote to him a few times, and he wrote back with a one line answer and that's it, he got non-communicative, just like after our first meeting two years ago! I told him I was going away and wouldn't be writing, but he could call my cell, but he never did.

He knows I have been in love with him since high school, he says he will stay friends with me forever, there has been no sex between us, just kissing when we were kids.

I don't know if I should stop writing to him, or if I should answer his e-mails if he decides to start writing again. I don't think I can emotionally stand just being e-mail friends with him at this point! In my opinion, he doesn't act normal for a 60 year old male!

By jeena 15 years ago :: Friends
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