I don't understand why she keeps on saying "You deserve someone better than me"

It was like one of those movie scenes..

The other night while we were at my house I decided to do something special for her for no apparent occasion. I turned on the dim yellow lights, played a romantic quartet, then out of the blue asked her to have a slow dance with me. At first she was quite hesitant because she thought it was corny but after a few minutes of leaning on my shoulder she started to cry. I thought it was tears of joy but I was wrong. She suddenly became out of her mood and said "Im sorry, you deserve someone better. Im not able to show you the kind of love that you are showing me." And I was like "Im happy when you're happy. That's basically it.". And as usual she didn't believe me and went on being disappointed at her self the whole time.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for only a year but that was quite a long year for us. We endured many fights and those fights can be compared to those movie scenes wherein the girl would leave the guy's car while on the road just because they were having a boiling argument in the car. She successfully stepped out of my car and just walked away around 3 times already, I was able to stop her during the other instances. Yup, my girlfriend was always the "walk-out" type of person. Even to the smallest of arguments, she would still try to escape from the situation.

But what's weird is that after she would walk out or hang-up the phone and threats to never speak to me again, she would immediately call back one minute after. And would be more mad if I don't respond immediately. She'll say things like "oh you just don't care about me".

I dont understand myself. I dont understand her either. My girlfriend gives me the biggest pain but still I cant let her go. And she can't let me go too. When we're in the happy side of our relationship, I feel like Im the luckiest person alive. She's sweet, thoughtful, and very very caring. And she tells me she feels the same, and I can see that in the way she smiles. But what matters most to me is I love seeing my girlfriend happy, it just fills me up. She just doesn't understand the line "Seeing you happy makes me happy".

I dont know how to make her feel confident with herself for her not to question her capability of showing her love to me. She keeps on telling me that "You're just too nice to me. I feel like a bad person".
By sonopulse 15 years ago :: Dating
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