Is it okay that I took down magazine photos of women off of my boyfriend's walls in his apartment?

Okay first let me say I have a wonderful boyfriend. Always there for me loves me very much. Just this 1 thing was bothering me. My boyfriend is 32 years old he still had magazine pictures of women on his walls. The women barely had anything on. I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year. We have a long distance relationship so we don't see each all the time. All I know is Sunday I got tired of seeing those pictures on his wall. So while he went to get breakfast I took them down. So when he got home he was immediately pissed off. Mad that I took them down while he was gone. Well I'm sorry I don't want to look at barely dressed women magazine pictures on my boyfriend's wall. He did tell me when we find a place together he was going to take them down anyway. Well duh!!! I'm not having those in our place. So what does everyone think? Was I wrong for taking those magazine pictures off his wall without his permission?
By renee29 15 years ago :: Dating
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