Is he interested? Should I invite him over again? Should I stop texting him?

I am 30 met a 28 yr old guy last Friday night. Hung out for a few hours. Exchanged numbers. Heard from him Tuesday night. Been texting daily. A week ago today (Wednesday) he came to my house for a few hours. Texting regularly. I say thinking bout you (in text). He replies aawww. Yesterday text a little in morning. I text him around 1 said hope you get off work early today. talk to you later. he text k! sounds good. Never heard from him last night. This morning at text him .. Hope you have a good day :). He text back.. Hey u! get to play in the rain again today. I text him back... Sorry to hear that! I will be thinking about you! :) :)
By kimbadger 14 years ago :: Dating
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