Should i stay or should I go

I have been divorced twice, I have full custody of my daughter from my first marriage for the past 13 years ( only child). I met a woman 2 years ago with joint custody of 2 younger children. I am a neat freak and she is a slob and for those 2 years I have went out of my way to clean, fix, and paint her house just so it could be trashed the next. They are not conservative, leaving all the lights on, doors open ect...ect... Then started the blame game(she did, he did) with the kids and its always my daughter which isnt true for a fact. Recently I had surgery and getting terminated(wrongful termination and have a lawyer) she was suspended for her mouth at work for 2 months. She says I dont bring in an income ( which she isnt either currently) and expects me to clean the entire house ( all chores) she is lazy, sleeps all day and gripes about everything imaginable... I think its time for me to move out and on with my life. Any advice?
By sonocativo 15 years ago :: General
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