Am I wrong to be upset? No sex for 4+ months...

My DH works a lot of hours and has a long commute so naturally he's quite tired. He's a doting father and spends all of his free time with our children. I'm thankful for that.... however our relationship is suffering. We usually go 4 or even 5 months without having sex. I don't think that he's cheating and I know that he loves me and he seems to be happy but his sex drive is so low :( Mine is increasing... he's 14yrs older than I am. He's in his early 40's.

Since becoming a father he's a little more reserved about sex which is driving me nuts because it used to be fun. Normally it's the husbands who complain about this sort of thing after being married awhile.

I've hinted to him that I was feeling "in the mood," I've been blunt about it, asking for it out right and that only seems to make him feel embarrassed. I don't know what else to do.

By ShellyJohnson 13 years ago :: Marriage
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