how do i know it's gonna be different.

my husband and i have been married for 13 years. he has always been into the get rich quick schemes. i on the other hand have worked in factories while he "plays." i've always worked and supported him and myself. i fell at work 3 years ago, and messed up my back pretty the point to where i'm now on long term disability with my employer. the big money has stopped, and so has the insurance. it's been 3 years!!! and he still hasn't settled down and got a job. his latest idea....go to college. he hated school...and isn't doing that great in college..however, i really think he done this, so he wouldn't have to get a job. i'm sick of living from check to check. i'm sick of doing everything, and feeling like i've been taken advantage of....and actually month by month it gets worse. do you think, he's actually gonna get a career and work..or is this an attempt to lay around and take it easy for another 4 years?
By nickii6 15 years ago :: Marriage
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