Is it wrong to want to have nothing to do with a member of you husbands family ever again?

At our wedding reception, just before we were leaving, my new husbands drunk aunt started a fight with me, I told her I am not doing this, that it is not the time or place for this, and turned to walk back inside. She angrily yelled don't you walk away from me, then grabbed me and wouldn't let go. She tore the straps on my dress and I had to shove her off of me to get away. I went back in the hall looking for my husband and did not see him, so I went back and told her to get the hell out now. She claims it was a misunderstanding, but I was completely sober. After 3 months, no apology, there is now no sense in one, I want nothing to do with her, I feel that her behavior was unexcusable and totally out of line, she ruined the rest of our night and has made things very uncomfortable with the family. I love him very much but I see now that I do not want to be part of his family. I will suck it up and see them, but that aunt I want nothing to do with ever again. I also feel that he should be hurt by this as much as I am.
By LOVESTRUCK 15 years ago :: Marriage
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