How do you handle being a TRUE friend to your girlfriend when you know she's in a very dysfunctional marriage?

Her mate is very jealous of her going back to school (she's will receive her Bachelors next year) and that she just recieved a raise on her job, while he just received a pay cut. She's very outgoing, spiritual and good person that has a magnetic personality. He likes to down her in front of people and doesn't motivate her the way she motivates him. He has stopped communicating and he's stopped attending church services with her. She is feeling lonely, depressed and vents to me, yet I feel helpless because all I can give her is encouraging advice, inspirational messages to read on her email, and let her vent. She wants her marriage to work, but I truly believe that he's stepping out on her as well as very envious of her and her circle of friends. Please help. Your assistance in this matter would be very appreciated.
By True2 15 years ago :: Marriage
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