Should I take the plunge and move to another country or wait it out with a transistion?

I want to get married, but she lives in Brasil and is reluctant to come, and my move would be hard for my family.

I've been in a long distance relationship with my girl for almost 2 years. We've had a few ups and downs, but I know in my heart that she's the one. Even from the other side of the world, because of being with her, I've changed and become more serious about things. Because of $$$ and visa issues, I visit her at least 5x's /year.

While in college, she had a professor that pretty much brainwashed her and her classmates with a lot of anti-Americanism, so she's not a big fan of the States. Through Murphy's Law, she ends up dating me and will now be coming here for the first time next month to meet my family. She's very knowledgeable about the english language, however, because of her professor, she reluctantly wants to learn it and never really wanted to come here. But my rebuttal is, the people and the government's actions are 2 different things, so you can't judge a place if you've never been.

Lately, we've talked about marriage, but we are both very family oriented. We want to get married, but she doesn't want to live here, and since I used to live in Brasil, it wouldn't be much of a shock for me to move there, but it would for my family. I am willing to sacrifice what I have here in order to be with her, that's what love is right? Sacrifice.

But she and I constantly bicker about a transition plan. We would get married, she would come here for 5 years while we save money to buy a home in Brasil, and then we would move there. All the while, my family would get used to us officially being together and me leaving would be less of a shock.

Should I just wait to see how she reacts to being here in the States and try to press the 5 year transition, or just take the plunge and move there?
By defsouf 15 years ago :: Dating
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