Is it okay to "hang out" with your ex?

My new boyfriend (well, 2 years new) says it is not okay for me to hang out with my ex-boyfriend, with other friends of course. I say that it should be okay because of the reason we broke up in the first place.

My ex and I broke up because he finally came clean to me that he is gay. I kind of had my suspicions anyway. My ex is an extremely nice person and would do anything for anyone, and we promised to always be friends. My now boyfriend knew this when we got together and he has in fact met and joined in on some of the activities with my ex. My now boyfriend just exploded on me the other day when my ex showed up at the bar for my birthday (along with all of our other friends).

My now boyfriend's arguement is that he doesn't hang out with his ex-girlfriend and he KNOWS I wouldn't like it if he did. So I am no longer allowed to hang out with my ex-boyfriend. He is completely right, I would hate if he hung out with her, but in my opinion, the two breakups are completely different.

I have made sure that I never hang out with the ex alone, and that my new boyfriend has met him and knows him. I don't know his ex girlfriend, but I am sure that if they were still good friends and I knew her, that I wouldn't mind hanging out with her, nor would I mind my boyfriend hanging out with her and their mutual friends.

By peenu09 13 years ago :: Dating
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