Where to have the wedding?

My fiance and I are having an issue on where to have the wedding since his live in California & I live Utah. Neither of us have enough money to have a big wedding . My family is hard pressed for money and time off of work. His Grandmother loves to travel, his Aunt and her family, his Best man might not be able to travel. He has many friends and I have many of siblings in my family that live closer to Utah along with the rest of my family. He has money saved up but we are planning on using that for a future home. I have no friends or family in California. He has a couple of fiends in Utah. It's our wedding but I would like to have it here in Utah because I want my family at my wedding. I really do not California and he kinds of likes Utah. We both really love each other...please help/
By rethlio 15 years ago :: Marriage
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