On the third date he started yelling at me that I was not normal because I had not yet had sex with him.

This is a person I worked with... seemed like a nice enough guy. After our third or so date, he got really angry with me and started yelling that I was not normal because I had yet to have sex with him. He had friends at work and outside work that see him as a great guy and I have been made to feel that I was in the wrong here... He got sick later on and his mother even said that I was putting him in the hospital to try and kill him to get his insurance money>>>? Now he has sent me a friend request at Facebook... How he found me I don't know since I put a different name on my account... Do you think I am in the wrong here for trying to escape from this person? He said he was sorry etc.. but it just is all too weird to me...
By Toodles 15 years ago :: Dating
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