Rude friend is being rude. how do I deal?

My husband and I recently made friend with this other couple, they're really young, and really nice.

My husband and this guy are in the same section (US Army), and will be deployed together by the end of this year, I think I'm expected to sort of hang out with this wife and help her out, which is fine, she is really nice, although kind of young and clueless.

The problem is this guy is really clingy, and seems to have no manners or social graces. he calls us EVERY SINGLE day during the weekend, and invites up over for beer pong and rock band, which is fun every once in a while, but it''s getting kind of sad how desperate he seems to be for friends

Long story longer is my husband and I were planning on going to Amsterdam with another couple in a few weeks. SUPPOSEDLY I let this information slip to the guys wife (I think I was talking to someone else and she overheard me), and he is trying everything to come with us. There's no room in the car we're driving in, so he's trying to buy him self a car, for him his wife, HIS BABY, and probably his PUPPY to come along.

NONE of us want him to come with us, this guy is kind of annoying, and with a baby and a pupppy does NOT sound like a good time in Amsterdam. This guy has also invited himself to this other guy's WEDDING, there is no end to his rudeness, and he doesn't even realize it.

I supposedly caused this problem, but since our families are so intertwined with the whole deployment thing coming how do you think is the best way to fix it? should I confront the wife? or my husband confront his friend? the groom confront the guy? intervention? we don't want to be mean, but no one wants him to come, he was even talking about leaving his wife and baby behind to come with us!!
By StabbyLaLa 15 years ago :: Friends
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