Do you think I was right to tell her I did not want to be friends anymore? How should I relate to her husband

I met a younger woman at work and we sort of became friends. Since I did not have any family in the area she invited me to her house to celebrate Thanksgiving etc. When we were first friend s she was always crying to me about how possessive and jealous her husband was and even wanted me to bring a young man friend (which was interested in her) to dinner with me when she, her husband and I went out to eat after work. I obliged her on this point even though I felt weird about doing it. I told her when she would talk about the abuse she suffered at her husband's hands, to go to a safe house with her children. She joined the army... he threw a fit and called her unit everyday making threats to blow things up etc... if they did not let her out of basic training... I made a point to not visit him when he was alone so no accusations could be made that I was involved with him. When she came back from the Army (her husband threatened to starve her young child if they did not release his wife from duty) she blamed me for not keeping in touch with her while in the basic training (even though she had my address she never sent me contact info) and threw all of her love and support toward her husband. I told her I did not want to be friends anymore and she started treating me really badly ...
I feel like I was played for a fool and was put in the middle of a bad marriage and now am seen as the bad guy. I just don't want to be in that situation anymore, but her husband is a manager over a department that I interact with at work and I am sure he has turned many people against me... I am hardly spoken to...
What do you think is the best thing for me to do/ how to react to this messy situation?
By Toodles 15 years ago :: Friends
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