my daughter's father get angry with me and calls me names when he's really mad at me he's really nice to her

my daughter is five years old, I have been with her father for about 6 years. last week my daughter asked him for something and he told her to "ask miss piggy" she asked again and he repaeatied it.I got mad a him and told him to stop talking and told my daughter that "we" do not call people names...that same night he needed me to answer his question regarding what I did that day (my day off) because the home was not clean enough, well he asked and I told him I didn't want to talk to him enough was enough and I didn't need to explain myself regarding my day off (cable guy came, had trouble hooking up everything and I had to climb in the eves... because if the cable wasn't hooked up again. that would had been another issue. so he asked I didn't answer I was sitting with my daughter he was yelling stomped out of the room(I think accidenlt at first) nocked a picture over then nocked all (about 10 ) pictures downn the hall way , all the while yelling at me and scarying my daughter, I thought of leaving w/her but she was in her P.J's and I would just go to bed w/ her . he just picked up the pictures and frames and threw them away I retrived them from trash. he started saying he was going to leave and stay w/ family and that it was all my fault if I had only answered his question... he did not leave that night he stayed in my daughters room and talked nicely to her I listenied out side the door, I was nervous ....I know what sounds like but I don't know how to get him to I don't know How not to be the bad guy in my daughter eyes she loves her daddy and he does love her and most times he is great with her and the other kids in the family...great he is the one that goes out and plays with them, he takes them to the zoo, bowling , movies he is the fun how do I make sense of this? how do I do right by my daughter.. please help
By isstayingwrong 15 years ago :: Parenting
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