how do i keep myself from running off and hurting him?

i'm a young adventurous and creative young model. hes a military man. were going out 1yr 5month now. we choose our house together he bought it. we are in love! neither are ready for kids. i refuse to spend his pay and love to be independent. hes posted here in this community for 3yrs. I hate this community for the simple fact its all military. there for all military wives. and they love gossip. so i've only befriended a few of the nice ones. my best friend is in another province. who is like my twin and i miss. (she has a kid she can't visit) so he has settled down with a 3yr contract and house. I on the other hand can't find a job (or i get one and they let me go because its the slow season) and love to travel. I can never stay in one place for very long. Its only been a few months and i want to move already. if i move hes left alone. i would help with the bills and come back some day but it would hurt him. i'm not sure what to do to keep myself from going depressed. or to avoid that travel elsewhere.
By honeybunnie 15 years ago :: Dating
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