What do guys like, physically speaking? I have a great bf, but I'd like to be checked out once and a while.

My bf and I have been dating for 3yrs. I love him to death; he gets hit on constantly. I'm 5'3 110 pounds with brown hair, a 23'' waist, very good hour glass shape, and a size 34B bra. In highschool I just figured guys didn't hit on me bc they knew i had a bf, but now i'm in college, and things haven't changed! Guys, what can I do to get noticed without walking around naked? What do you all think is hot/pretty? Am I missing guys checking me out or hitting on me? It's not that I'm not happy with my relationship, I'd just like to be reassured every now and then that my bf is not the only guy in the world that thinks I'm hot. I'd like to be hit on half as much as girls hit on him.
By junglejuice 15 years ago :: Dating
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