Should I feel guilty for not wanting considering someone a friend anymore when they have been thru a tragedy?

I have a child hood friend that we were bestfriends growing up in a very small town. But it has always been one of those friendships were I was always the one making the effort and everything was about her. Well I went off to college but home on weekends (we lived on the same block) and I never heard from her unless I called. Finally I heard from her, she was engaged and wanted me to be in her wedding. Which I was. Then I don't hear from her until she got pregnant, which I had moved to another town, but worked there so I visited her on my lunch hour sometimes. Well I got a good job, and shortly later I tried calling the number was disconnected and my x-mas card was returned, then found out from another friend that she no longer lived there, that her mom had moved into my other friends place. A year or so later I get a message from this old friend on classmates, which I had to pay to subscribe to read the message, and it turns out her son had a brain tumor and she wanted me to get ahold of her and gave me her number, being the caring person I am I called her up and for almost another year I was there for her everytime she needed me, then he passed I was still there for about 5 months in which they were looking at houses to move, then she didn't return messages and finally I called one more time and the number was disconnected. So I tossed it up to she went M.I.A. again. Then I went thru alot that I could have used a good friend for, I got engaged and planned the wedding. She found me on facebook and added me, but never messaged me or anything. About 2 months later 2 weeks before the wedding my fiance ran into her dad, and all of a sudden I got a phone call the next day, we talked for about 20 minutes, she was pregnant again and I told her about our wedding. The next day I sent an invite as a courtesy and sent her a message on facebook letting her know that one was on the way and that they are welcome to come. I haven't heard anything since that phone call, and another friend has made me feel guilty for not wanting to be her friend anymore because she has been thru alot like that gives her a free pass to be a crappy friend.
By LOVESTRUCK 15 years ago :: Friends
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