How does one overcome having been assaulted by someone you trusted?

I visited my mother in a nursing home where I would speak to a nurse that was there a lot.
One time he gave me his number and told me to call him so that we could get together.
I did call him. He wanted to come over so I invited him over. I guess he thought I was calling him over for a 'booty call' because when he got there he got really angry that I had invited him over and that I was not ready to go to bed with him. When he initially got there he asked me to put my dog away because he was afraid of them. I did not thinking anything of it...
Well things went from bad to worse... and he raped me while having me say "I like you Frederick" He kept repeating his youngest daughter's name Maumie.
Well needless to say I was in shock. This was a nurse and a professor at a local college. I was in college at the time.
I guess my question is... since my report was basically ignored when I called a rape crisis hotline. Do you think if I reported this to the medical board they could at least make sure he did not work around the elderly and hurting again?
By wishingwell2u 15 years ago :: Dating
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