What should I do if anything?

I have been with my partner for 10+ years. I have 2 children and he has 3.
We split for a while but got back together and then he got really sick...His ex is a vindictive crazy woman and projected her thoughts and irrational thoughts etc on to her children.
When my aprtner and i got back together we decided to get married as most of the kids have now grown up.
He got really sick after about 6 months and needed some pretty intense medical care.
So nearly 2 years down the track 2 of his children are running around telling the world that im only after his money (No that is just to vile a thing to even contemplate and i do work as well).
That i dont include them (it always turns into WW3 when i try to so it true i prob dont include them as much as i should).
They dont know i know they have said this so do i confront them and let the world war erupt or do i just ingore it..I have done my background work and they have said this vile stuff i dont understand how people think like that.....I dont need or want anything and im not exactly destitute myself....They dont even live with us but these kids ( All older than 20) have been brought up with a silver spoon and have NEVER had to hard yards...Im prob a bit emotional typing this but i am so mad at the moment and thats not easily achieved...
By accent12 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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