What should I do I'm torn between two men? The possibly love of my life, or the loving fatherly figure??

I'm in love with a married man (he seperated although he's still married) sparks just fly it feels when I'm around him nothing could be more perfect... it is the deepest love. He can't stop thinking about me and I can't stop thinking about him.. He has two kids.. a year ago I told him we can never see each other again.. because I realise how morally wrong this situation is. over a year we stayed in contact as friends and had no sexual encounters in my hope that he could re-kindle his love for his wife and provide a solid upbringing for his two children. Now he is unleashing his desires for me more than ever and my feelings are stronger than ever and I just want to be by his side. During this time I have developed a lovely man who thinks the world of me but there isnt the chemistry and electricity I had with my other love. Over the year I found it extremely difficult to forget about him I love him so dearly. Man 2; he is caring loving a great provider and a perfect father figure. Man 1; is spontaneous, exciting, irrational, reserved sexy and fun but also terribly caring and concerned for my well being...
By barbiegirl 15 years ago :: Dating
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