What am I to do with an irresponsible husband?

My husband is lazy to go to work. We have difficulty in paying rent and bills. On top of it, my husband has heaps of fines and that does not matter to him to bring in money to deal with them. I do not work as we have a newborn and so I'm a stay home mum. Besides being a wife and mum, that is taking care of the baby and its needs, cooking, cleaning, washing etc, I also take care of the financial duties at home including making sure rent is paid in time, bills are paid, make sure there is food and milk is bought for baby and us. We do not have any savings at all. Sometimes we do not have any money in our bank. We have been married for 1 year and its been the same since then. What am I to do to change this? My husband does not wanna listen or do anything about our situation. He thinks being a mother is easier than a worker and so he takes days off whenever he likes. He does not get paid for days off as he is a contractor. Please help
By attached_lonely 15 years ago :: Marriage
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