Is there a chance of getting back with my man im Toatally infactuated with? i know he still loves me to death!

Its been 2weeks since he broke up with me. we were so in love, so commited and wanted everything together, he even got tattoos for me. I moved to another city for him left my closest friends, got a job, wanted a life with him. I messed up and lied when he asked me many times if ive ever been with these 2 cirtain guys he hates but doesnt know. It was way before us and for some stupid reason I denied it. i just didnt want to tlk about it or deal with the past! i was denying it to myself also. and i swore upon something so special to him, why didnt i think of the outcome? on top of that he has bad trust issues and i knew this. i never cheated always faithful 100% him. but these lies i told built up and pushed him away. I was trying to move foward yet he was still in idle. i just want to show him I am serious and want to earn his trust back. is there a real chance he is stuborn and has been hurt many times. i want to be that girl that he can trust completley. i want a chance to show him.
By msmilla1988 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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