Should I pack up my life here in victoria to move to queensland to be with my to adult children.

I live in victoria i am married for the 2nd time and my 2 boys that have moved to queensland ,have moved near my ex. I raised my kids on my ownfor 10 year he was not there for them, and then they just decided they wont to be in queensland.

my new husband of 4 years works we have a mortgage other kids living at home still,but i feel as though i am missimg out on my kids up there i dont know what to do I miss them so much and I am so unhappy here. I just thought I would see them get married and have kids , and im not going to get that my ex is I feel so ripped of I did all the hard work raising them and he get all the good stuff .
By ami65 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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