Do I deserve an apology from my husband who made a bad investment with his mom's life insurance money (part 2)

I got several responses to my first posting yesterday. This is my follow-up to those...

Wow. I can honestly say that I wasn't prepared for all the responses that assume that I'm a gold digging wife only interested in my dead mother-in-law's life insurance. I really could care less about the money. The money loss stings, but what has upset me the most is that I have absolutely no control in ANYTHING. Several of you had made suggestions like list it at a cheap price or this or that. Well when all the shots are called by your father-in-law who is not paying for it anymore and a husband who can't stand up to him and somehow beleives the delusions that an actual profit can be made when the market crashes into hell...well it's upseting to sit around and watch a train wreck with no power to do ANYTHING. This land was not listed for a quick sale. In fact it was listed over 10 grand above what was paid for it. There has been about 2 serious lookers on the land in a year with no follow through. By the way, the realator was showing the land to some people who really loved it and my FIL just happened to want to go shoot his gun that day. Needless to say the realator emailed us back saying that the buyers and their realator fled off the land very quickly with "bullets flying over their heads" and told their realator that they WERE NOT INTERESTED anymore. I wouldn't be either if someone nearly shot me while I was thinking about making a purchase. I am mostly upset with having to deal with someone so unreasonable and riduculous who could care less if my husband loses the money...but wants to make a profit so he doesn't lose. This is insanity. No rhyme or reason. Perhaps a little more info regarding why I didn't want to get involved in this situation in the first place would help you understand my position. Before my mother in law died, she had inherited a lot of money from her mother...over 200 grand! Well, she went crazy ( thought she was pocahantus) and blew every dime while divorcing her husband and blowing it on lawyers and buying this God forsaken land that no one except her wanted. So yes I'm a little bitter about how things worked out. There's just too much history here of money being FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET and NOTHING to SHOW for it except LOSS AND MISERY. So to sum it up, the loss of money is not what gets me here, it's the fact that this lesson hasen't been learned by anyone in this family and I despise thinking that my husband has the potential to go down this same rotten path. An apology to me would at least give me some confidence that yes there has been a lesson learned. Is that too much to ask?
By 1life2live 12 years ago :: Marriage
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