Do my parents hate me?

My mother had me when she was 14years old, dad was 19years old, they seperated when i was one and went thier seperate ways

My dad now has 3 children to my stepmum... those kids get everything, motorbikes, dance lessons, school camps etc

I was left to defend for myself since i was 14years old, lived on my own cause both my parents had thier own lives with new children.

I am now 22 years old, i have a beautiful 11 month old son... and my Dad and my Mother as well never call on my bday, let alone xmas... my son's first bday is coming up and i want them to come, well only my dad cause he lives an hour away (mum lives 5 hours away)

I call them on thier bdays, mothers/fathers day, xmas etc if they do call me on my bday its only a text message

I desperately want them in my son's life, and mine of course, but it seems they like thier other kids more than me

Confused on what i should do
By Carefree 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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