What do u think i shall do?

"Wellll my partner and I have known eachother for 8 years now and been together on and off (mainly on) we are a young couple with a 2yr old child. We got back together 5 years ago and are happy together and still love eachother unconditionally. He's a great guy and I couldn't see myself happier with anyone else. I know for a fact he has never cheated on me or anything of that sort.

During the first 2years that we had just met which was when we were verrry young, he had been seeing other girls which i had known of and it didn't bother me bcos we pretty much weren't together (i left him bcos i was stil in school and he tried to make me choose him or my family....hmm rigghtt) so during his "young boy" days he had been with a girl about 3yrs older than him and she had 2abortions to him and eventually fell pregnant with not one but two babies to him. They hadn't been together very long at all and from everything he's told me and his family have told me they had a really crappy relationship and they would be at eachothers necks everyday.

Anyways I know he loves me and we've come so far from then but i can't help but think about this topic now and then and it's kinda eating me up inside. I know he loves our child more than anything but sometimes i feel that he wishes he knew the other children. His ex used to try and play mind games with me and had always used the kids against my partner to make him say and do things which he stupidly did back then. It's all in the past now but like i said I need to find a way to block that out of my mind and am kind of wondering if I should tell my child when she's old enough to understand that she has older siblings? Or leave the subject alone?

What shall i do?...view less"

By jer24 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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