Is it right for a husband to spend so much time out on the weekend?

Hubby is out on friday night from 5pm - 9/10 pm, visiting friends. Saturday from 1'ish to 7'ish for soccer and socialising yet again with his fellow countrymen (he is from another country). Sunday out from 9'ish to 3'ish for church and more socialising. I am at home without a car as he has it. He works night shift from 11.30 - 8am Sunday nights to friday mornings and I work 6.45am - 3pm mon - fri, he usually sleeps during the week 7pm - 10.30pm and in the mornings when he returns from work. He thinks this is reasonable and I am not included in his social outings at all. I am fed up... more than fed up actually. Thoughts appreciated !!! We live in Australia not the US.
By 9ja_luva 15 years ago :: Marriage
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