Am i Clumsy or Stupid?

Ive always been Clumsy. Not all the time just sometimes. My ex use to call me Good luck chuck and so did my friends. he never got angry at me just laughed and though it was real cute. but my bf now Gets so frustrated with me and impatient with me. which is his personality type. But i can see why, he would tell me not to do something and then minutes later i would forget and accidently do it.. then he'd get soo angry. and i would be so upset with myself cause its so obvious i was stupid. I just dont think things through as much as i should.. but i know this.. i feel like i gotta keep my mind active and aware. i wana be better but i think he needs to be alot patient.. its a qaulity that he really needs in life.. but then again, i need to work on mine...
By msmilla1988 15 years ago :: General
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